Around her head she wore a yellow ribbon.

You know. I was reading an article in Time a couple of days ago entitled The Danger of Yellow Ribbon Patriotism by Joe Klein, and it really got me to thinking about the (so called) war and the effects the millions of decals, magnets, ribbons and signage displayed all over the freaking place. It appears … Read more

So I know I shouldn’t admit this…

I was at Borders the other day (because I bought a book I already had, and had to exchange it) and ran across this Batman Graphic Novel series called Hush. It’s a collection of comics from last year by Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee, and Scott Williams; and it’s awesome! The artwork is superb and the … Read more

Circle, triangle, square… which do you prefer?

I found an interesting article (thanks Molly) on a study done at the University of Glamorgan, comparing the aesthetic differences inherent in the design created by men versus women. Some of the conclusions are no big surprise, regardless, it is interesting that more and more often now, universities are getting interested in the underlying dynamics … Read more

I fart in your general direction….

Ha. I really couldn’t take it any more. After almost 200 comment spams (pretty much the lowest form of internet-scum that I can think of) nailing my blog this weekend, I have made some changes which will hopefully block an arse load of these toad-faced ignoramuses from being able to fill up my comment log … Read more

Four Brothers

Last night I went and watched Four Brothers in the theatre last night, and I have to say it was an excellent movie. Mark Wahlberg did an excellent job, but I think he excels in these sorts of rolls. he has that sort of tough guy/bad boy look about him anyway, so why not capitalize … Read more

Being back from vacation…

So I’m back from my vacation now, and as it turns out – it has taken me almost a week to decide whether or not that is indeed a good thing or not. And ya know what? I’m still not sure. After spending 4 days lounging around the Oregon coast, I didn’t really want to … Read more

Back in bidness!

Back from a brief respite, I am back in bidness selling some shirts to support my geeky habits of computers and the Internet. Check it out and buy! I’m hooking up with Zazzle now, and man do they have Cafepress beat on the colors and variety of shirts. I haven’t bought any yet, but I … Read more

It’s the little things really….

I’m so happy that I finally figured out how to install the latest flash plugin on my computer. I should clarify though, on Linux. See I’m not really a Linux junky, so it was sorta bein a pain in the arse. But no more….. Yay!!!

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