The mother of all IMs.

[img][/img] So have you ever wanted to chat with Jeremy, Ryan and your cousin Bob all at the same time but couldn’t? Why you ask? Well, Jeremy (knucklehead) uses AIM, Ryan (can’t talk smack about him cus’ he’s almost a Black belt)uses MSN and your cousin Bob uses good ol’ ICQ. Well, now you can. … Read more

Spellchecker for Firefox

I just found and downloaded [url=]Spellbound[/url] for Firefox so I could use it as the spell checker for when I write these little blurbs on me-blog. I must say, it works quite well. There are a ton of language [url=]dictionaries[/url] you can download, and it is fairly customizable. naturally all of the standard features are … Read more

I’m a little bit Country…

Have you ever watched Crossroads on CMT before? If not, you should. Right now. Do it! I have seen a few of them, and they are all excellent. See, what they do is team up a couple of unlikely stars to sing together. For instance, Dolly Parton & Mellisa Etheridge, or John Mayer & Brad … Read more

Man! I love those dudes at Google!

[img][/img] Okay, so I think I have Google envy – but they come up with some of the coolest stuff. First, check out the [url=]Google downloads…[/url] Then check out [url=]Google labs…[/url] So the [url=]Web Accelerator[/url] is pretty cool, and naturally, it works. I can definitely see a difference in how fast pages load on my … Read more

Ever want to eat Darth Vader?

Well, apparently, he tastes like a peanut M&M…. [img][/img] This is pretty funny. So, I guess M&M is going to air a commercial with the feisty peanut and Darth himself in a new ad for Star Wars M&Ms I guess… Can’t figure what else the connection would be – but he it’s a good campaign … Read more

So now it begins…

I mentioned the Star Wars Alienware Auroras last month in a post, and I just received the notice that they are preselling them for an estimated ship date of June 8th or something like that. Let me refresh your memory: [img][/img] I just finished configuring mine for a grand total of $3,178.00… Not too shabby. … Read more

What? Not satisfied with Flash? Nooooo…..

Hehehe, are you catching the sarcasm? Good, ‘cus I’m layin’ it on pretty thick. I love Flash, really I do. But I also hate it. It’s a love/hate thing. Always has been. I was working with Microsofts Visual Studio .NET, and I was lamenting how nice some of the features in the editor are. Being … Read more

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