OMG! He’s 4!!!!

[img][/img] So Now Donovan is a screaming 4 year old with the attitude to match! Well, I guess his birthday party was a rousing success (you would think I would know, but alas I was holed up in the Hospital… again)he got tons of toys and we even rented one of those inflatable bouncy rooms … Read more

I will not succumb to the Dark Side!

[color=#CC0000][url=]Darth Vader will beat you[/url][/color] Okay, so I’m not sure how the heck they do this, but it is very cool; and actually quite creepy at the same time. Burger King has awesome Advertising Agency working for them. is the second site developed for Burger King that really has absolutely nothing to do with … Read more

Comment Spammers suck.

I guess this is sorta the price of Internet fame. The curse of getting more traffic to your site is the comment spammer idiots who have nothing better to do than attempt to inflate traffic to their complete shite websites. This really pisses me off actually. I don’t, nor do any of my readers give … Read more

hahahaha It’s a comin’!!!

So my Birthday is tomorrow, and I know what I got. [img][/img] I just ordered it from [url=][/url] and it should be here next week sometime. So I’m one step closer to building my new world domination super computer!!!!! If you remember, [url=]I first posted this[/url] a while ago predicting I would buy it – … Read more

Look Ma – I’ve a Gator in my face!

[url=][img][/img][/url] Kids are weird. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. And it’s really sorta funny to see Dylan take such pleasure in chewing on his squirty gator in the tub. he thought this was the bees knees. Thanks Grandma – much entertainment to be had from this little squirt. ** Images have been added … Read more

Latest Lego endeavor.

[img][/img] I just picked this up the other day, and I started building it tonight with Donovan, and I have to say it is the most complex Lego I have built to date. It has 858 pieces, and I only got this far (about 1/2 way through the book) in 2 hours. Granted, it isn’t … Read more

Bass humpin’ plushies…

[url=]This video[/url] has to be one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. It reminds of some of the old PETA videos that were out a while ago – you know, back when used to be free for the masses. The video is about 2.5mb. Blaupunkt has an awesome video … Read more

Batman Begins…

[url=][img][/img][/url] This movie looks to be absolutely awesome. I saw the 10 minute preview the other night while watching the Smallville season finale – and was absolutely blown away. I have been a fan of the Dark Knight for 2 decades now – and I must say this film looks to be even better than … Read more


[img][/img] This is just plain wrong! Creepy! Watch the videos too – don’t like litter boxes? Well then this cat is right up your alley. [url=]necoro[/url], which loosely transalted must mean: Weird arse cat robot from hell.

Mixing Caffeine & Medichlorians…

Aaaahahahahahh aaahhhahh hhahahahaha….!!!!! Star Wars III – Revenge of the Sith is worth every penny. Lucas pulled out all the stops, and kicked some serious arse all over the big screen with the final entry in the Star Wars series. I loved it! It was hands down the best of all of them yet. The … Read more

Coming soon to an internet near you!

[img][/img] [url=][/url] Two other knuckleheads (Jeremy & Ryan) and myself, are starting up a .com! We are going to create and sell the best damn t-shirts online, and you are all going to buy them! The site is pretty close to being ready for public consumption and we have a ton of shirts that are … Read more

In a creative slump?

Or maybe your are not [i]”The creative type”[/i], check out [url=]Strange Banana’s Website generator[/url]. It might not be pretty, but I bet it will be unique. Oh yeah, and while we’re at it – [url=]check this out.[/url] Remember that poor kid who did that Star Wars crap on video and wound up getting plastered all … Read more

Okay… launch the site…. NOW!

Interesting concept here, I think I will have to keep it in mind for next year. [url=]CSS Reboot[/url] and [url=]May 1st reboot[/url] are two like projects aimed at generating creative spirit around the relaunch of web sites on the 1st of May every year. In their words: [i]The short version? The May 1st Reboot is … Read more


[img][/img] Hilarious. Absolutely Hilarious. I guess these are commercials for Firefox. Whatever they are for, they are a blast. [url=]Check them out…[/url] The folks that did them [url=]Pozz[/url], have some good stuff on their site too. After you’re done though, your screen may need a good cleaning so use this… [url=]Clean your Screen.[/url]

Take a trip to Narnia…

[img][/img] C.S. Lewis’ classic tale [i]The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe[/i] is coming to the big screen this winter – scheduled for release in December. From what I saw in the videos of the film available on the [url=]web site[/url], it seems like it’s going to be very good. WETA, the folks who did … Read more

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