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December 2004 – Flogging English

Not your Daddy’s Hong Kong Phooey…

doubleD & I stumbled onto this the other day in our search for small-child-entertainment on the web. It’s one of many web-shorts on Cartoon Network’s web site. All I have to say is this is freakin’ cool! So cool, in fact, that I made a desktop for it Check out the web short on Cartoon … Read more

Dooo… doo..doo .. dooooooo… dis is da dial-tonnneee……

Yeah I know, not much going on here at ol’ PennBlog, but hey! I’m busy. Besides, I’m not even sure anyone ever looks at this anyway. At any rate, I’m looking at a new domain (which I have purchased) for my blog, which will be…. Flogging English. Then, I will launch a whole new front … Read more

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