Just a quick note…

I have stayed up late (well sort of) and posted some images from my trip to the Big Apple. Not a ton, but it’s a bit rough going through these at night, so I should have some more up some time before the second coming… [url=http://www.floggingenglish.com/photoPages/nyc.htm]New York Images Index[/url]

Who knew wire nuts were so versatile?

My son is a goofball. I know he gets it from me… but I can’t seem to find this kind of enjoyment from playing with wire nuts… [url=http://www.perubique.com/donovanVideo.html]Click here for the video[/url] Be forewarned, you MUST have Flash player 7 to see this video…

Oh yeah… I went to New York!

[url=http://www.floggingenglish.com/media/images/grandCentral_pana_web.jpg][img]http://www.floggingenglish.com/media/images/grandCentral_pana_thumb.jpg[/img][/url] This year was the someteenth anniversary of [url=http://www.flashforward2004.com]FlashForward flash conference[/url] and I was lucky enough to con my boss into getting the company to foot the bill. It was out-freakin-standing! I love New York. I even have a big red apple tattoo right on my a…. okay, no I don’t, but you get the … Read more

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