Your desktop image does what?!

This is cool. This is the next big thing actually. I predict it. Hear me. Mark my words. Flash on your desktop. Have the ability to get content on a variety of subjects, and media to your viewing public right where they will see it. All day actually. With several solutions and companies pushing this … Read more

Top 10…

[img][/img] Not too long ago I saw this content for a Flash Wallpaper. The prize was a pretty cool Timbuk 2 Bag, with the Macromedia Flash Moniker embroidered onto it. I saw it and said, “Hey! I could do that!” Well If you haven’t extrapolated by the title, I didn’t win the bag, but I … Read more

Woot! Woot!

So in case you haven’t heard, Playboy is 50 years old this year and they are puttin’ on a party like you ain’t neva’ seen! It’s awesome! Hard to describe actually… well maybe no that hard. [url=][img]/media/images/blueDress1_thumb.jpg[/img][/url] Actually it was pretty much the biggest sausage party I had ever been to. Nothin’ but wall-to-wall dudes, … Read more

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