D..D..Dude…Check it out!

I know you see the picture and say, WTF? A red keyboard… so what?! Nay. Not so what. I painted this glorious piece of technology myself just the other day using the new Krylon Fusion Paint. It’s really easy to use and it does indeed live up to its reputation/propaganda. All I had to do … Read more

Yeah, so what?

So what has XHTML done for you lately? Why… it has brought you this wonderful blog, that’s what. I know, I know…more geek stuff… Never-the-less, my site is now XHTML 1.0 compliant! (well, mostly…) Bow to my skillful coding (i.e. kung-foo)…

146 ounces!

I know that sounds like a lot… well, that’s because it is! 9lbs 2 oz! Dylan was born on this day, and he came out pissed! He showed up around 8:45am and was 21 inches long. Even heavier than his big brother, and not quite as much as the grumpy old man. I guess I’m … Read more

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